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CyberLink Media Suite 12.0

The suite includes tools to help you edit, convert, play, and burn media files
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CyberLink Media Suite is a complex application that comprises up to 12 different programs into one package. What's great about this suite is that it doesn't just cover most of your media file-related needs, but also it provides the proper means to perform the tasks at a high quality level. This comprehensive media file processor allows you to edit, convert, play, and burn any type of video, audio, and image file stored on your computer. In addition, the output files can be easily uploaded to online social websites from within the program.

The utility comes with a modern and attractive interface. The main window is thoroughly organized on six different modules: Movie, Video, Photo, Music, Data&Backup, and Utilities. They allow you to quickly navigate through the suite's embedded programs and select the tool you intend to use.

For movie lovers, the developers created a distinct section, so that you can index your movie collection and play the files with a clear sound and a good visual display. The built-in movie player allows you to load files both from your computer and from external discs. A smart feature provided by this tool is the ability to play an entire folder of files. This way, you will enjoy watching the movies in a row, without needing to import the files one at a time. Furthermore, the Movie section lets you access an online database where you can find additional tagged information about the selected movies.

A different module is created for video files in not usual formats. Namely, the Video section is designed to provide you with advanced video editing features. Without claiming to mention them all, I shell emphasize some of the options that make the difference between this utility and ordinary video editors. You will be impressed by the wide palette of transitory effects that you can use when merging separate clips. They will bring an exquisite appearance onto the output large file. Another function, that only professional editors provide, is the ability to cut a file with a millisecond precision. What is more, you can remove the original sound of a clip and replace it with a favorite track as a music background. To personalize the video even more, you can insert written messages onto the displayed images - obviously, the text is highly customizable in terms of fonts, colors, position on the screen, and other particular details. The array of advanced settings include the possibility to set the file's size and the bitrate, together with other parameters of the same range. The tool works as a file manager too, allowing you to organize all the video files stored in your computer. When it comes to conversion needs, the list of supported video formats is exhaustive and conveniently organized by device names. In addition, the app can help you create movie discs, with embedded file menus and submenus that meet the requirements of the genre.

The Photo editor comes with outstanding functions, too. Besides standard features like changing colors and luminosity issues, organizing your image library according to your needs, creating slideshows with sophisticate transition effects, the program enables you to perform professional editing tasks such as turning 2D pictures into 3D images and retouching photos with advanced adjustment tools. The target files can be easily printed, saved on external discs, or uploaded to social networks.

A separate module is designed for music listeners who will be able not only to listen to their favorite tracks by means of an embedded audio player, but also to convert, rip, and burn audio files. With the conversion task, the number of output file types is limited to four of the most popular audio formats - WMA, WAV, FLAC, and APE. The reduced number of target file types shouldn't be considered as a drawback, since the formats in question are supported by most audio players and they feature the clearest sound of all audio files. In addition, the app enables you to register the sounds from your computer, either from running applications or from a microphone device.

The last two sections are not impressive, mainly due to their content. However, you can occasionally make use of the Data&Backup module to create or copy a data disc, backup or restore files, and duplicate movie discs. The Utilities section is also handy if you want to extract files from image discs, create a virtual device, or transfer media files among multiple devices. Moreover, you are able to create original CD and DVD labels, having a wide range of templates as support.

The complexity of Media Suite is undeniable. It works as a media editor, player, organizer, ripper, burner, and converter. Yet, the set of software programs would be complete if it included a screen recording tool. The home users won't have any reproach about the suite since the advanced editing features exceed the average capacities of most similar programs.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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